Dating: Focus on the Experience

Our last article focused on lowering our expectations on a date and that frees us to focus on the real experience of a date.  When you focus on the experience of a date and give yourself fully to the present, that’s when you can truly have a great time and be surprised by all the fun, unique, and sometimes embarrassing, experiences that unfold.  This is also when you can have the most chemistry with the person you are on the date with and that always leads to a date being the most fun!

When you live in the present and surrender to the experience you’re sharing with another person, a date truly becomes a communal experience and you learn a lot about a person and how well you connect with them that you’d miss if your distracted from your date.

What are some things that can distract us?  Well, being self-conscious is one of them.  Another can be over-analyzing how our date is feeling or responding to the date.

It is true that focusing on the experience requires some level of confidence but, again, this isn’t something you have to do and must do perfectly, to have a good date.  Living in the moment is just something we want to be mindful of when we’re on a date, so we can have the best possible experience!  There may be times where you look back on a date and you seemed to be swept up in the moment the entire time but more often than not, we aren’t that focused, and that’s perfectly okay.  Just remember, you’re on a date, you’re there to have a good time, meet somebody new, and hopefully make a new connection with somebody you’re attracted to.  The other person’s feelings and impressions on a date are completely their own, you can do your best to ensure they have a good time, but a lot of things outside of your control can affect somebody’s feelings.

Be yourself, focus on the experience, and just let the date unfold to the best of your abilities!

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