Dating: Avoid the Age-Old Mistake of Paralysis by Analysis!

A common mistake in life and dating is what has been coined as “paralysis by analysis”.  The concept of paralysis by analysis is built upon the idea that when we over think things, we get in the way of our natural abilities, and it “paralyzes” us from being able to make the best, immediate, decision.  This idea ties in well with the common expression of somebody being “paralyzed with fear”.  Paralysis by analysis, in fact, is often caused by a fear of making the wrong decision and that fear can be for any number of reasons, whether it’s the opinions or judgements of others, or our own expectations to do things perfectly.

How does paralysis by analysis creep into and undermine our dating lives?  Well, whether it’s asking somebody out on a date, choosing where to go on the date, or how to dress for the date, there are a LOT of decisions that have to be made before and throughout a date.  That’s why it is important to trust yourself and your decision-making abilities in life and especially when it comes to dating.

Ah, I just revealed the solution to paralysis by analysis and how you can avoid it to begin with: trust.  Therefore, if you find yourself struggling with coming to a decision, especially when it is a relatively minor, arbitrary, decision, it’s important to trust yourself and your abilities to make the best decision, especially if you’ve had to make this decision in the past or if the decision has few or minor consequences.

Typically, when it comes to dating, your success is built around confidence and your ability to make decisions – especially insignificant decisions – is a major reflection on how comfortable you are in your own skin and how confident you are in your decision making.  Even if it ends up being the “wrong” decision, you can always learn from the decision and, in most cases, take a corrective action.

It’s easy to suffer from paralysis by analysis if you’re “over-thinking” a date, attaching expectations to the date, and trying too hard to impress the person you are taking out.  Remember to trust yourself, have confidence in your decision making, enjoy the process, and don’t make the date out to be bigger than it is.  Relax and enjoy yourself and your date probably will too!

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