Are You Ready to Date?

A good friend of mine, who desires to date but is afraid to date, recently asked me if I thought he was ready for dating?  An earlier conversation about his own self-development and issues he is working on in his life spurred the question.  His question touches on a common, personal dilemma: when exactly should I start dating?  When am I ready?

I have asked myself these same questions on many occasions and I’ve had the answers to these questions change throughout a single day!  Over time, though, I have developed a firm belief, through experience, which I believe can finally put this question to rest.

Are you ready to date?  You don’t know until you try!  I believe dating, like anything else in life, is a skill that you develop over time.  If the question is, are you ready for a serious relationship?  That I can’t answer for you.  But, what law states that dating – having a fun, social, experience, with a person you are interested in – must imply a serious commitment, especially in its early stages?  If this isn’t the case, what level of perfection do you have to meet and how do you quantify that measurement of preparedness you need to date?  I don’t think you can know unless you get out there and try!

In my simple opinion, take the pressure out of dating.  Make it something simple and fun and something that you can do with another person simply because it’s a great experience in life.  Don’t overthink it, enjoy going out on dates, and allow yourself to date if you have a good, sincere, desire to do so.  A single date doesn’t have to have any implied commitment beyond dinner and a movie or whatever activity you choose to share together.  Are you ready to date?  You don’t know until you try!  Get out there and give yourself the liberty to enjoy dating!

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